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Thursday, Sept. 13, 2001
It's strange to have all the words sucked right out of you. For a lot of Americans, there's little else to think about save the events unfolding by the hour as this tragedy spins out. I'd be pretty grateful to have some other subject matter to jot down.

I think back to the Gulf War scenario. We had a very clear decision. Go rescue the Kuwaities, get our oil producing allies out of harms way, shut down a maniac. Here and now, it's a chasing of ghosts, picking up fragments about elusive devotees of Islam.

Given the scope of the attacks, it shouldn't suprise me that the country is filled with the clamor for revenge, the flying of flags, the music of patriotism. I'm a little bemused for the folks whose liberal deanings are well known, and who are now the most hawkish of warriors. Curious to see those Democrats who would have the budget of this country directed entirely toward social reforms, at the expense of the military, now standing in Congress and ferverantly preaching the fine art of surgical strikes.

One callous thing is for certain. It sure isn't a slow news year anymore.

And I need something to do other than to stare at the TV all day, watching endlessly repeating updates. Work is slow right now, but I need to get on with it. Think I'll paint the house. Something to soothe the brain cells. Something to do.

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