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Monday, Sept. 17, 2001
Here's what will happen this afternoon:

3:30 pm - Corporate partner and good buddy Stu will call on the cell phone, and the conversation shall go thusly.

Stu: whaddya doin man?

OF: well, I burped an hour ago. Does that count?

Stu: Busy eh? Time for a cold one?

OF: uh-huh. (hangs up)

4:15 pm - Northeast corner of the Grampa Drank Here Pub.

Stu: We doin' anything tomorrow?

OF: coming up here, I imagine

Stu: Damn, we're busy. Time for another cold one?

OF: uh-huh

Stu: get any painting done on the house today?

OF: Naw. Ally doesn't like the color. Thinks beige is better.

Stu: You picked the grey, right?

OF: yeah

Stu: So tell her it's primer, and you'll get to the beige later.

OF: Paint the whole thing grey and tell her it's primer?

Stu: yeah

OF: But I'm really finished, right?

Stu: 'course

Of: Have another one on me.

It gets complicated, of course. Ally has a couple of days off and she's gonna be watching me like a hawk.

Still, the primer idea....

oh man it couldn't be that easy...

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