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Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2001
Gee, I had someone stop by and actually read this drivel. And say nice things about it. Without mentioning any names, let's just say I'm humbled and thankful. I wish the place could look better, a bit of sprucing up is in order. Sort of like cleaning the house before the minister / tax man / kid's teacher stops by.

But it did get me to thinking that this would be a good time to post about Danielle.

I use a lot of pen names here but I'll let Danielle's name stand on its' own. About 2 months ago, she was the one who got me thinking about writing again.

Background: Danielle is the lead singer in a local band, rock and soul cover songs, a fair amount of their own material. Very, very talented lady. Can make a flute sound like the very finest of voices in the dark. Can sing your tears away. Also is involved in many social issues of the helping kind - arousing awareness of breast cancer for example. She's a voice for change in positive ways.

I started corresponding with her because i signed up for her band's scheduling e-mails, and began receiving notices of when and where they would perform. Being the wordy fellow that i am, I couldn't let an opportunity to yak go by, so I started replying to the heads up e-mails with chuckly little things about the bass guitarist, or the new sound board they were using. That sort of stuff.

Which was all well and good until she caught me by the elbow between sets one evening. And kinda floored me with "you need to be writing, you need to be heard." Seems one of her sideline projects was to edit a magazine. Needing contributors. Writers.

So, I'm human. Flattery about something I do without pay will work wonders for my psyche. Funny, I went to college with a thought to major in journalism until the lure of the dollar (and a certain lovely lady) made me take the exit off the highway of intellectual pursuits.

So here I am. Remembering the lessons about writing and journaling that I thought were long behind me. Write every day. Write about what you know. Write your experiences.

If experiences are short subjects, I've got a ton of catching up to do.

Which is to say, a lot of material.

Danielle, don't start complimenting me on my afternoon bar habits. Proliferating anything of that nature would be counter productive. I think.

And I'm still looking for that inspiration to spruce up the place. The genius of HTML. The calming pictoral watermark. A bloody web designer. We need a pro in here. I'll solve it soon. Throw money at the problem in hopes that it goes away.

Just that sort of thinking.

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