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Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2001
Boy, there's a lot about that has escaped attention on my part.

A happily insurmountable amount of really talented writers, for example.

Someone today, and I honestly can't recall the name, (although I should. it would just require enough backpeddling via mouse that the very notion makes me pass) mentioned the neglected sport of surfing the newest, most updated entrys herein.

Which is exactly what I will do. It's like mining for lost treasure. Here's my "recently updated" method.

Pick out a name which suggests the deviance of age. A quirky sort of name, with a hint of mystery. The allure of words less traveled.

It's a crap shoot. If I pluck a name out of the hat which reveals enough command of the language to encourage some page previous leafing, I consider it a highlight of my day. If the entrys are humorous, so much the better. In light of our last week, we need humor, and plenty of it.

Now if a writer tells an ongoing story, further points. A gift for multi-syllabic words is sure to please. The avoidance of the words 'Justin, mall, so-like, parents and omg' is considered a mandatory.

Writing about the events of your day is very, very cool. Just don't go to the mall and attempt to describe it to me. Or beginning or ending a diary with the fateful words, 'I really don't have much to say.' Because you're absolutely right, you don't.

Outfoxed is very harsh on nothing much to say.

Which, obviously, is what he just managed to accomplish here. Pray for sunshine n the southeast US tomorrow. I'll go ahead with the painting of the house.

Which will make Ally so very happy. Moreso than if I just sat here reading and crap shooting all day.

Which is what I'd really rather do.

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