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Monday, Sept. 24, 2001
Big happy good morning to rubydragon. I'm getting clues that she's over at my guestbook rummaging about, but since signmyg-book is having a psychotic episode at the moment, we'll just have to wait and see how the furniture might have been re-arrainged in there.

Ally and the eldest arrived back home yesterday afternoon bearing gifts. Actually, they arrived at Stu's house, where I was horizontally prone on a recliner in the midst of a Sunday football festival. You just gotta love a guy who buys that satellite NFL package and keeps a well stocked fridge. And who could care less if you take a little afternoon siesta in his chair. These are a few of my favorite freedoms...

Ah yes, bearing gifts, I'll get on to the subject here momentarily.

Ally found a framed picture of Clint Eastwood from the movie he did back in his salad days - "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." Which I've seen a hundred times and will probably see another hundred. Clint's so cool. I mean, when he fires up one of those little cheroot cigars, squints at some bad guy and exposes his pistol by flipping that cape over his shoulder, you just know somebody's getting ready to get some of the ol' .44 caliber dental work.

I think I was in the seventh grade when that movie came out. It probably scarred me for life. All us malcontents would practice our cool squinty stare and employed various representations of a cigar stub. It terrified our teachers. Made them nervous. Probably thought we were going to whip out a long barrelled Colt revolver from underneath our capes and exhibit emotionless Clint-like resolve while riddling the blackboard with tightly spaced bullets.

I'm gonna hang that picture right above this monitor. For inspiration. Buy a box of cheroots and hang a cape over the back of my chair. But the stare, heh. I won't have to practice that at all. And my squintiness only gets better while viewing this 6 pt. type.

Although i don't think Clint ever had that problem.

But then again, I can't picture Clint with guestbook troubles either.

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