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Thursday, Oct. 11, 2001
We had the weekly drawing at the watering hole. I drew #10 for the NASCAR race. Which means if the #10 starter wins, I get $75

Once in a while I win this thing.

I'm not tired. Not at all. This is in direct contradiction to all those diaries whose first and last sentance is always: "I'm so tiiiirrreed."

Thank you for allowing me that moment.

The Outfoxed daily thrill. Got a call from our state retail tax inspector (how exactly do I apply for this job?) today. Seems he was inquiring about the missing, yet oh so necessary retail tax form which I neglected to send in last month for the company business disclosure.

Yes, I really do send in stuff like this. It's the occupational hazard in all of us, I suppose.

Explained. The state requires us to send in a form each month depicting how much we make as a company, and how much of that is stuff we buy and then resell at a profit. We pay a tax on the stuff we resell, you see.

Since 99.9% of what we do is just labor cost, I nearly never have to pay any tax. 0 owed, 0 due. Haven't had to pay for a couple of years. But here's the deal. If you fail to send in the form on time, the state collects 10% on a figure of 0, which is the default number. In their eyes, this means $10. Payable and due right now.

At any rate, the inspector called me. Asked where the form was. After my big *sigh*, and promise to send it on in, he drops the bomb.

"Do you really want to keep this account open? You haven't declared any retail sales in quite a while."

I pondered this query as anyone would ponder an open ended question from a beaurocrat.

OF: Whaddya mean? Keep the account open? I have an option?

B-Cat: If you have 0 retail sales, you needn't have such an account.

Turns out that by writing a properly worded letter, I can disavolve the entire farce that the state has shoved down our throats for 5 years. We don't sell stuff, therefore we don't have to send in an accounting form stating as much every month. A report that, if sent one day late, results in a $10 fine. Helps pay for the lieutenant governor's limosine, I presume.

I would have cheerfully given the B-Cat $100 for this information which he volunteered for nothing.

Again, once in a whle I win.

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