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Friday, Oct. 12, 2001
I entitle this page "Keeping up with my Joneses" since it sounds witty. Not overly hip, but...I think you know what I'm trying to say.

Last night I had a Jones for Chinese. Food, that is. As much as I like to eat, I just never seem to get around to eating Chinese for some reason. But I put on the dog last night. Quite possibly ate some too, you just never know about the Bamboo Hut. Ordered up $34 worth of food and the dude brings it out in a big grocery sack, all stapled shut.

I asked him, "You sure everythings in there?" (He could have said "Why most certainly, oh gracious customer", but all I got was an "uh."). When I opened the bag at home I found that yes, everything was there and more. They had included some Chicken with Cashew Nuts which made me totally forget the Kung-Po chicken I'd originally ordered.

I like to read a book or magazine or something to keep my brain company while I shovel food in at a prolific rate. Trouble is, it took me so long to eat all that food (those Chinese, they're a generous and portion happy lot) I ran out of reading material. I was eyeballing one of the girls Seventeen magazines there for a minute, but thought the better of it.

Each and every morning I have a Jones for black coffee. What the sailors call engine room coffee. The kind that doubles as a lubricant for camshafts.

I have a Jones to work from about 5 am until noon, which is when my inner self begins to complain about the lack of fun in my life (I listen to the inner self more often than I should, but I do have a lot of fun). Must be genetic, there is a long history of farmers in my family, up at dawn and milking the cows sort of behavior. I get most of my day finished before the kids are even out of bed.

My sister married a Jones, and had three kids. If I were my brother-in-law, I suppose I could just say "I have a Jones, matter of fact, I have three", and be done with it.

Except for yesterday, I haven't had a Jones to play Dodgeball very often, and this is very upsetting. Lord knows I could use the exercise.

Tonights Jones will be to go over to Stu's house, build a bonfire in his brick barbeque pit and watch the stars sail by for hours while holding hands with Ally.

Tomorrows Jones is a tough one. I'm wrestling with the 'need to paint the house Jones' while trying to embrace the 'let's get the boat and go fishing' Jones. If any of y'all care to render an opinion, jump on the Guestbook and vote my Jones.

Vote my Jones, jump my bones, don't ever serve up peanut butter scones.

Sorry, got carried away there for a minute.

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