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Monday, Oct. 22, 2001
I gotta new car!!

Well, no I didn't, but I feel like I did. How do y'all like the spanky new layout ? Take a sniff. Ahhh, the aroma of new things, the giggly fun of tooling around in the latest model, all the fancy buttons and levers. Go ahead, turn on the radio and put the top down.

To save you the trouble of scrolling all the way down, this new design is brought to you courtesy of Webchick, the fabulous one. I still can't believe she took the time and trouble to get this thing up and running, but I have showered her with jewels and fine linens and salaamed before her feet with many murmurred "Oh Great Ofendi" praises. Actually, I haven't been nearly complimentary enough. You rock, Webchick.

I had to laugh at the little mad professor guy over there. Some of my colleagues would study this and, while gravely stroking goatees, give a discourse on authentic representation.

"Yes, it would seem that Webchick has captured the essential soul of Outfoxed, particularly the facial contenance, the depiction of severed cranial matter, the wild and altogether hungover appearance. Hmmm... yes, what is your opinion Dr. Blumenthal?"

What is, of course, really great about it is that someone with actual talent did all this so that Outfoxed wouldn't be rooting around where he shouldn't be and creating a disaster which would bring the web to its' knees. I'm sure everyone will be grateful for having an internet connection this morning on account of Webchick's largesse. Be happy with me, won't you?

I won't detract from this stunning achievement by hammering out any meaningless prose here (maybe later!), but drop me a line and let me know what you think. Better yet, go call on Webchick and smother her with praise.

I can only hope the writing content somewhat keeps up with the design.

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