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Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2001
It's 2 fer Tuesday!

Top 5 Words or Phrases that I can hardly stand to hear:
5. We’re all out of Coor’s Lite
4. High speed internet connection
3. Empowered
2. I’m a victim
1. Closure

Closure has to be the most over worked, misused word in modern English. Yes, I too believe that sooner or later it will have run its’ course in dialouge, but it still sets my teeth on edge. Most people ought to substitute “I need closure” for “I need to get over myself.”

Top 5 Popular People I could do without:
5. Dan Rather
4. Eminem
3. Jerry Jones
2. Hillary Clinton
1. Jesse Jackson

I could probably switch Dan Rather to #1. Love the way he now trumpets his bravery in the face of the enemy for refusing to take anthrax tests. Whatta putz. He was just like this when he replaced the retiring Walter Cronkite (I still say Walter had to be just about sick over that selection). Or the way he once signed off his broadcasts for three consecutive days, saying “Courage.” We as a nation were in the midst of one of the most peaceful and prosperous times ever, as I recall. Dope.

Top 5 Reasons not to pay much attention to a site / stat meter:
5. I’m really not as good as I think I am
4. That one guy who read all your entries is really from the IRS
3. Looking for validation that one entry is better than another is like a watched pot
2. Stats are for baseball, words are for diaries
1. Do I really want the responsibility of an Uncle Bob site?

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