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Sunday, Nov. 18, 2001
Sat watching the meteor shower just now.

The reports said face east, which is out back, by the pool. Not much room to manuever, between the pool and the trees and trying to get a clear line of sight.

But at 5 in the morning there's only so much maneuvering I want to do, in 30 degree weather.

An open patch of sky, and white streaks flashing at incredible speed. Sometimes a big one, green vapor trails or pixie dust or something even finer trailing behind.

Sat and watched the show. In my big adirondack chair with a blanket over the knees.

Sat and watched and was by myself and quiet. Thought about a good life, and love, and babies and things warm and lovely. Ancient space dust and rocks burned overhead. Squirrels rustled. There I was, smiling.

It was all a piece of my soul, riding across the night sky.

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