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Thursday, Nov. 22, 2001
I promised Kungfukitten a response to a particularly vexing matter.

It's the mad scientist. Yeah, the one up there in the upper right hand corner.

Every so often, he winks at you. When Webchick built the page, she decided to throw that in as a little surprise.

First time he winked at me I got a chill. Not what you're expecting, at 4 am, is it? And from one with such a benign look on his face. What I still can't figure out is what he holds in his left hand. A cigar? A mashed up stogie? A spare thumb? Only Webchick knows for sure, and she's busy making other little easter egg drops for her wonderful pages.

Cheer up, Kungfu, it could be worse. He could have whipped around and dropped his pants. Then I'd have all manner of indignant decency police in here.

Such silliness, and on Thanksgiving too. Have a happy day, all.

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