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Saturday, Dec. 08, 2001
Gee, I complain and complain about too much work time and here I am doing a double entry.

Somebody's not being altogether up front here, and I think it's me.

Some weeks ago I wrote about the Middlest One of my family and time moves in the ways that it does, so here I go again.

Maggie is the 'middlest' of three children and the one most likely to cause a riot in the local enclosed shopping mall. Particularly if it contained a healthy ratio of 16 year old male shoppers. Of course, having been a past member of that same sect, i know exactly what they are shopping for........

This is a 30 year old adult trapped in a nearly 16 year old body. The girl can carry on a conversation comfortably with people of any age and still appear to be in the cool with those of her peers. She is bright and beautiful and at ease with herself, something rare indeed at that age.

She walked by me not long ago and inquired as to the state of my hunger. Volunteered to whip up some grilled cheese on a Saturday night for the old guy.

And she does them very well, yes.

I took her and the boy out for pizza last week and she brought along homework, which is unusual for her. Normally, she does homework in the amount of time it takes for someone her age to nab a cool drink from the water fountain in the hall at school.

But this particular assignment had her stumped, a bit. English class it was, and she was to write a poem, given a set 'fill in the blank' form, supplyng nouns and adjectives and verbs where necessary. Everyone in class got the same form. So she brought it to Outfoxed.

Well, now then, indeed. I have been set on earth for such as this.

Barring the 'by's' and 'where is's' and 'is yours' that the teacher supplied up front, here is the poem that the two of us whipped up together, from the form. Right there in the pizza place. And I understand that, when read aloud in class, the teacher cried real tears.

Maybe she cried from relief that all was not in vain in her efforts, she is a rather young thing just out of her master's degree classes, but regardless.


By endless nights
In a starry gaze
Under a velvet sky
I'm listening closely
And the heavens are dancing
Above the moonlit clouds
But the night beckons
in this masquerade
Oh where is my place
Among the stars?
Perpetual bliss?
"Awake is your soul"
Discovering, contemplating
What am I more
than a shooting star
between heaven and earth?

Had I not been a participant, I might have cried real tears too.

Glad I am to help out my little girl when she needs a word or two. It's just that she is so not little anymore.

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