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Saturday, Jan. 05, 2002
Strange, and luxurious, to have a Saturday morning with no work and plenty of time to waltz around the 'net catching up on things.

Those of you with 9 to 5's and weekends off, don't ever be unappreciative of your Saturday's. How quickly they can be taken away.

That was fairly morbid now, wasn't it.

One major accomplishment this morning was the reserving of airline and room for Jazzfest '02 in New Orleans. End of April, sunny warm days, gumbo off Canal St., ahhhhh. I'm excited already. A virtual busload of friends are making noises about coming, and keeping me up all night in some club listening to inventive music, after all day at the Jazzfest fairgrounds doing much the same.

This can't help but to be a tremendous time. I went last year and honestly, I didn't want to leave. For someone who despises long trips it was a revelation. One of discovering new music and grooving to old, sights and smells and the voodoo of a spell cast by a city alive at night.

Forgive me, i'm going to go off and dream now, in the middle of the day.

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