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Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2002
Sometimes I'd like to be able to report that I step outside my door each morning before sunrise, breathe deeply the crisp air, flex muscles and step off for a stroll around the neighborhood. That I contemplate and muse over the complexities of life while exercising the body, that it is a metaphysical joy in the morning to so thoroughly cleanse my soul for the coming day.


What is far more likely to happen (it is, in fact happening right now) is that I brew up a pot of coffee and sit here trying to figure out why the DSL modem needs 4 glittery lights to indicate that it is workng when one would have been adequate. 2 at the most.

There are those who seem to insist that I must be a deviously complex person, who spends large amounts of time dreaming up fantastic scenarios and subtle stealthy personnas in an attempt to disguise....what? The fact that I am essentially an ignorant, yet charmingly crude visage?

I have simple needs. Which works well because I'm a simple person. I have the need to be left alone, to think and to write (in an increasingly erratic fashion, it would seem), I have the need to work because it is my heritage to be able to earn a living, especially if it is work that I enjoy. A little watching of football, an occasional road trip to see the races. The afternoon beer at the Watering Hole and the comfort of the characters who inhabit that place.

That sort of thing.

Being caught up in intrigue and the nastiness that humans can inflict upon each other is not my cup of tea. I really don't even like tea, to be honest with you. How simple can I be?

My mistake is in sitting quietly in a corner hoping that others will interperate my silence as a sign that perhaps he would like to be alone with his thinks. Does that happen to anyone, everyone? And coincidentally, does that not make you the target of the snipers who would prefer anything other than to hear the silence in life? Those who make the noise, the yammering of salesman, the soap operas on televison (and very often, in life), the buzz of people intent on driving situations into the ground and me off a cliff.

It really needn't be this way, you know. Eyes open, mouth shut. No shame in that.

No shame at all.

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