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Sunday, Jul. 07, 2002
Sorry about the long delay between posts, and it's not as if this will be particularly enlightening as to why.

Let me put it this way, four day weekends around here aren't uncommon. Self employment being what it is and all.

But sheesh, this Fourth of July. Crabbing and shooting pool and very little work and midnight swimming. Watching the girl play in a softball tournament (a local one, hooray!) Big ribeye steaks, building a bonfire out back, beer out of the cooler with little ice follicules stuck to it. I put socks on this morning and it felt as though I hadn't had any socks on my feet for a week. And come to think of it, I probably haven't. Sandals and Topsiders - they rule. Off came the socks.

I mean, sitting in front of a computer - sometimes it just doesn't compare, you know? I can see a lot of computer time in my immediate future, a lot of work time too. We were all discussing this (over a football sized baked potato, sweet corn and a mess of sliced barbeque) the other night, and we decided to make sure this was a memorable weekend, before all this work related reality hits. So far we're doing a pretty fair job, I'd say.

Putting life lived in a large way first. Yes, I'd also say that's a good description of my week.

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