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Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2002
I was just thinking to myself how much has transpired in the past 12 months. Iím sure a lot of you are too, in light of the date so soon to befall us. The anniversary that the media is working so hard to promote. That sort of manufactured tremulous thrill. Which stops one step short of exploitation.

Iíd be the last to be superficial about one year ago tomorrow. I wept at it, ached over the sorrow inflicted on people who were not in the least way deserving of it.

But Iím going to try not to watch any more of that sorrow when itís interspersed with commercials for laundry detergent.

I was thinking a lot about the man and woman who leapt together from one of the Trade Towers, hand in hand. What sort of madness and pain they had to go through, to make that decision. The terror they felt, standing in that window, feeling fire at their backs, then the silence of wind in hair. The grip of fingers. The last thought.

Sorrow. A last thought of sorrow.

I wonder if Ally and I could have done that. Held hands and made a leap into a last moment. Not knowing all the reasons behind us, the whyís, the political subterfuge, the banking of aircraft into buildings, the coldness of man intent on killing other men. Destroying their edifices. In the name of holiness, in the name of higher beings.

There was nothing more holy than the love between those two people who died together. Who were able to put aside considering the most awful thing imaginable in time to do it together, as a comfort. And who knows who they were? Husband and wife? Lovers? Office friends? Rushing downward, hand in hand, the unknown figures on a sunny skyline.

There is a cruelty for you. A madness not understood. And when I look up at the sky tonight, Iíll still see them. There will be no talking head, no commercial break. There will be only sadness in the thought that we can still be so terrible, for all our long and passionate and industrious growth into this new frontier, so terrible as to not stop the killing of innocents. The leaping from tall towers.

Bless you all, tonight. Hold hands with a close one and watch the night sky. Remembering can be a good thing.

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