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Saturday, Feb. 21, 2004
What to say.

Maybe some physical information is in order, here. Like the physical cord running out of the back of a computer, running hot again after so long, yakking in the strange way it has with other cords and other invisible things. Strange that something so innocuous as a length of cord can tether one to the land of words, the lake of identity.

It has been a long time, hasn't it now. So many stories, so many attempts to revive a connection here and elsewhere. And not sure, really, that it is fully restored (more on blathering and disfunctional internet grief later) but hopeful. It's like being put on hold for months and having the telephone weanie continually saying "Your patience is appreciated . . ." while knowing full well that patience is fleeting and loyalty is frail.

But to those who stuck around for the ride to come, your patience is well and truly appreciated.

Let us begin anew, shall we?

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