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Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004
You know, I was all set to make an entry here with a ringing endorsement for a political candidate. For the past couple of months, I have researched this whole Presidential question to the point where, well, there just is no more point to make. I know who I will vote for. Those of you who have ridden along with me for a while now can probably surmise who I will vote for. Iím pretty interested to see the results next week.

But like I said before. This country will survive, no matter who wins. All the hand wringing and moaning about opportunity lost or apocalyptic scenarios if your current favorite happens to bag an election? Isnít going to make this nation go away. It just ainít.

There are still enough grown-ups left to make sure. I complain all the time about the lack of grown-ups, but it doesnít mean that they (we) are extinct just yet.

If your guy loses - is it going to inconvenience you, or change your spending, or your income, or cause you to lose a loved one to armed conflict in some desert shithole? Maybe. Maybe not.

The nation will not be going away. That means you and I will, in all likelihood, be pissing and blogging and loving and CHEERING FOR THE RED SOX! THE RED SOX! once again, four years from now.

(Sorry for that screaming interjection. Just had to . . . well, you know. Way to go fellas.)

Hereís something that one grown-up wrote. It wasnít me, though it could have been, and I wish reverently that Iíd been able to just lay it out half as well. I believe government should exist to provide a standing army, to protect the rights of the unpopular and to prevent anarchy. Otherwise, it should butt the hell OUT OF MY LIFE! I believe we are horribly overtaxed, over-regulated and over-nannied by a government that is bloated, incompetent and staffed largely by people who can't find their asses with both hands. Our politicians are whores and our bureaucrats are brain-dead.

Rather succinct, no?

But do you notice, the author never said anything about the nation? Government yes, but not the nation. Not the people, or the land they live on. For me, you can separate the two and have the beginning of something. Something that bewigged white men thought possible well over two hundred years ago. Weíve screwed up that original vision a whole lotta times, but the nation is still here.

Go ye, and vote. Make a day of it. Throw a bone to a bureaucrat. And know that you keep the nation for your very own. You really, truly do.

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