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Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005
Go ahead. Do a Google search on “Outfoxed” and see what you get. Right now. Go. Shoo.




And it’s all about Fox News and how awful they are and how some disaffected youths somehow, someway didn’t realize they were going to work for a network with leanings toward the right of center. Must have been horrible for them.

Now, two things.

One, since CBS just dumped a few employees who were substantially to the left of center, clearly there are industry openings for the unfortunate few journalists who starred in the movie bearing my name.

Two, since I am not too awful busy at this point in my life and am imminently employable, not to mention a clever typist and, as a special bonus, am already a keeper of journals, well . . . you do the math.

I’d say it’s a slam dunk all the way around. Everybody goes home happy.

But wait, there’s more!

I happen to actually like the Fox Network. I don’t just lean to the right, I tend to fall prone and point my head toward ‘ol Rupert Murdoch’s kingdom like some bizarre compass spun on the hood of a large pickup truck. In Carolina. During the fall. I could so go to a job that let me type and blog and sit on fine leather all day long.

I’d say six figures, truck allowance and dental ought to cover it. Are you listening, Rupert? Leave your cell number in the Guestbook. I’m free all week, baby.

*Update: Holy Cats! In the time it took me to write this I went from #2 Google to #13! Rupert you’ll want to hurry!

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