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Sunday, Mar. 13, 2005
I finally found a turn of phrase that describes, and most aptly I might add, what has become normal for the Outfoxed state of mind, circa 2005.

I got it from a disaster movie, which is appropriate when you think about it.

Big jet is flying cross country, has an incident mid-flight and all the pilots and engineering crew are killed. The stewardess is the only employee left, and she happens to pick up the radio for the inevitable flight lesson.

“Everybody’s dead! What’ll I do?”

And the flight controller comes back with, “Just stay on this frequency!”

What was not said, and what I kept waiting for the stew to say? “Oh I can stay on this frequency just fine. ‘Cause I don’t freaking know how to change it!”

That about sums up my year to date. Staying on a frequency that I don’t freaking know how to change. Also, I’m no pilot.

That Karen Black now, she was a pilot.

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