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Friday, Mar. 25, 2005
This is getting to be depressing as all get out.

( . . . ďall get outĒ is a phrase we use here in the Swamplands to signify something that is at an extreme. Your daughter wrecks a two year old car and you take your first look at it? ďDamn, this is gonna cost like all get out.Ē)

The past two or three weeks Iíve made a conscious effort to either apply for a job or coax work from past or new customers at least once a day. I know, it sounds like Iím playing both sides of the field, and I am to an extent. Trying to keep a hiccupping business alive and keeping my name afloat at the same time. Itís a survivor mechanism of sorts.

But if Iím fishing both in fresh and salt water at the same time, I can tell you this. The fish arenít biting. Theyíre barely nibbling.

Iím getting the distinct impression that so far as the personal resume reviews are going that the bait might just be past its expiration date.

Itís funny. Youíd think that a history of experience spanning 25 years might be attractive to an employer but Iím getting damn little in the way of responses. I know Iím qualified for the spot. Wouldnít apply otherwise, wouldnít waste their time or mine.

But I have this awful picture of some young punk reviewing these things and going, ďHoly Jebus, Fred! Take a look at this fossilís resume! Dudeís old enough to be my father for godssakes. Guess weíd have to put up a handicapped sign near the front door for this one, eh? Bwahahahahaaa!Ē

Damn kids.

I applied to a place this morning for myself thatís 90 miles from here. And again - fully qualified. No doubt in my mind. Itís the same type of insider work I did 10 years ago.

If those punks nice folks donít call Iím gonna want to know why.

I know one thing. Iím trying to think of something to do for a 25th wedding anniversary thatís coming up in 7 weeks. Most of the stuff Iíd like to do involve money. Understandable. Most Caribbean resorts (or South Carolina resorts, for that matter) have a strong affinity towards the passing of disposable cash.

Thatís getting to be out of the question. Looks like another trip to the sandwich shop and a round of drinks for this anniversary. Hell, it worked like a charm for the 20th.

Maybe an all-nighter at the local fishing pier. The sea trout might be rolling by then. Or some early flounder. You never can tell.

All depends on the bait.

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