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Thursday, Jun. 16, 2005
You know, if you let it be so, paranoia is an easy thing to come by.

Weíre living in a State where the trampling of rights and freedom is becoming so commonplace it ranks right up there with the proliferation of 7-11ís on the boulevard. And by State, I donít mean North Dakota, either.

Iíd post more about it but there just might be a sharp eyed ferret out there who would want to know. Damned if Iíll give Ďem the satisfaction. Maybe next week IĎll feel a little less cautious and lose the vague distractions, but right now itĎs lock-down mode. Guns at the ready, ammo close to hand.

I like our new abode, I like it a lot better than I thought I would. It has a safe feel to it, you know? Built in the sixties, a lot of solid things around. Neighbors who have a sharp eye but donít intrude. Heck thereís an older couple who live across the street who sit out on their porch nearly all day and just . . . watch. I canít imagine what they see, but Iím glad they take the time to do so.

If I wanted to find a hidey hole for a while, to get away from the mortgage chase and regroup, this isnít such a bad place at all. Even if I do (still)have several dozen boxes of trinkets left to unpack.

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