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Monday, Jun. 27, 2005
Never let it be said that taking a week off from writing petulant entryís means youíre relaxing on a beach somewhere out of range. I wish I had been, given that last week was a smoldering wreck of emotions, dealing with people determined to hold our financial future hostage and wondering just how long I was gonna be able to refrain from showing up on your 5 oíclock news.

I didnít, obviously enough. I donít photograph well. Live video of me dragging some mindless beaurocrat through the street by the earlobe? Just wouldnít do much for my image as a kindly sot with a penchant for outdoor cooking and the hum of a good spinning reel on a summer day.

Besides, thereís better things going on. The good sailor Ron has lurched back into the employment world after a long dry spell. We had an informal thing about how one of us would eventually get something permanent and Iím glad it was him. Good deal lad. Donít forget about that whole first round thing (although Iím more than up for the second. And third).

And everybody not on an expedition to an ice floe in the sub-Arctic has learned of This Maniacís brush with the unwritten laws of writing online, and how he came out of it. Todayís entry, right Here if youíre so inclined, should be a required treatise for all those committing words to the airwaves. I often wonder who outside of this little community might be checking in on my site (and why), it doesnít keep me up at night but thereís always the spectre of vulnerability, isnít there? I canít imagine the amount of assholia that must be tolerated by one of our popular writers. Good luck, UncleBob.

More to come. About the hellish previous few weeks and all, that is. Should be enough to know that:

1. Ally and I are, at long last, finished with the whole house sale business. The ship has come in (leaking and short a few sails, but it has come in).

2. Iím moving ever closer to an inevitable end to the Outfoxed Corporate thing.

3. Thereís steaks in the freezer and beer in the fridge. But you knew that.

Now let me get back to whatever it was that semi-employed tradesmen do on a Monday. Snooping through blogs sounds like just the ticket.

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