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Friday, Aug. 05, 2005
~21 years ago yesterday Ally and I rolled into the local hospital, checked into a stately room and I played catcher as she pitched out the first of three kids.

My lovely and ever unpredictable Beth the Eldest.

When I was 21, I was gettiní married, working for slave wages and still living at home. Beth is totally uninterested in marriage, is driving for FedEx and living on her own. Which makes me feel older than usual. Good Lord that was a fast 21 years.

Happy Birthday baby. Donít think that we wonít absolutely rock the house at lunch today. I reserved the Blue Room at the Watering Hole, special. All two tables and the jukebox, with a generous view of the rest room doors. Pretty obvious Iím still one of the great big time spenders of this generation.

Having a beer with your newly minted 21 year old? I can do that.

~Take a look at this link. Man this sort of thing just makes me salivate. Less than a mile from a huge bass lake, and just look at that shop! Eeeeeeeeee!

Itís out in the middle of nowhere. Thereís probably no jobs to be had. Itís basically a swamp. A hurricane like the ones we get so often would desecrate the place. Itís over an hour from where Iím sitting right now, where Iíve lived for 30 plus years.

I think itís gorgeous, and Iím gonna kidnap Ally and go see it this weekend. Who wants to live in the mountains anyway?

~In 6 weeks or less Iíll be walking onto a big boat and trusting in the guy doing the steering that going through the Bermuda triangle in hurricane season? Is really a swell idea. Also, watching my wife in a bikini. But you already knew that.

~Speaking of boats, Iím getting the itch to build one. Just a little fella, a 12 footer made of wood. Something I can toss in the truck and lake, sequentially.

That would work out rather well if I lived within a mile of a major league bass lake, yes? Always thinking ahead, we are. Donít listen to my wife.

~Have a terrific weekend. If you donít hear from me for a while, itís because I chained myself to a shop somewhere in Swampville and refused to leave without a contract.

Or at least a nice fish fry. Thanks for reading.

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