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Thursday, Dec. 29, 2005
In 2005 I . . . :

1. Lost a business partner, and will pretty well formally close down the business I call mine over next few days as the tax year ends. A thing that I started back in ‘96, and it did pretty damn well for 9 years. But it just wasn’t meant to last forever I guess.

2. Actually earned less salaried money than at any point since I was 17 years old. Had to sell my house, for Gods sake. I laughed when I got the yearly total today, I’m WAY under the poverty line here folks.

3. Witnessed first hand the grinding of peoples bones by a system of government that is going farther into the tank with each passing moment. Probably the scariest thing of all, this year. Your property, your identity and your privacy? Poof.

4. Watched the horror of hurricanes in the gulf. Not just the big popular one, either. For sheer destruction, this was one awful year for friends and countrymen ringing the Gulf Coast.

5. Walked right up to the line of depression as a disease. Lost a helluva lot of naiveté about friends, and got a first hand look at the old saying “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” I can’t say as I enjoyed it all that much.

But, here’s what else happened in 2005 . . . :

1. Maybe the bestest of things - I took back control over my wage earning life. You have no idea what a relief that was, and the level of freedom it gives me.

2. No, here’s the bestest of things. I’m gonna be a Grandpa. Go Maggie go.

3. Went on an awesome vacation in September. Something about cruise boats and Jamaica and doing the NASCAR 4 hard rights thing around Cuba, it was terrific.

4. Having no debt? At long last? This is something that should have question marks?? You can go an awful long way below the poverty line with no debt, I discovered.

5. Keeping the friends who were righteous, and true. And being here with some of you who figured that, “Hey, what the hell? I wanna see this thing all the way through to the end.” Thanks for doing that, even if the end is not quite here yet.

I’ve been waiting for a good year to happen since the start of 2003.

And I’ve got a real good feeling about ‘06.

Thanks for reading.

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