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Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006
Iíve had a computer underfoot for darn near 20 years, maybe more. Iím pretty well convinced Iíll never figure them out entirely. Iím absolutely convinced that Iíll never understand why it is necessary to stuff money into its CD drive every so often to keep it mollified, as if it were some sort of techno fossil fuel burning orb and the preferred fuel was wads of cash.

I was up half the night fine tuning this laptop hog. But it seems to be getting over whatever ailment it had. Iíve fed it, watered it and now Iím walking it around the block waiting for it to expel a mighty dump. You have to think in these terms when fooling around with computers. Keeps you sane, it does.

Every now and then I pass along a link or three, generally somewhat obscure blogs or sites gleaned from the simmering mob. Theyíre all writers, these shown below. I admire the talent, and in a couple of cases, the art that these people take on and so effortlessly produce for an oft times limited audience. None will cause undo trauma, and you may find yourself falling into the 2 hour rabbit hole with some of them.

Couldnít tell you on a bet where or how I came across some of these folks. Doesnít matter. Please enjoy, as I do.

E-mail from NOLA. A single man in New Orleans, living in the midst of the dark side, post-Katrina. Sometimes a carpenter, always a wordsmith.

The Hot Librarian. More words than a Joyce anthology, and a thousand times more funny.

The Waiter. Very popular blog, if you havenít caught his NYC observations yet. Will be an author, if thereís any justice in the world.

Velociman. Deep South Faulknerisms with a touch of good brandy.

Doc Flowers. Most obscure of my listed blogs but one of the most beautiful. Travels the South and tells the tale in amazing short form.

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