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Wednesday, Feb. 08, 2006
I still canít believe I fixed the hex that had embedded itself in my internet connection. Especially not by de-twining a pair of plastic antenna.

For somebody who eschews a high speed lifestyle, I sure get all tingly about high speed connectivity. Which allows me to . . . uh, more efficiently read up on . . . um, the laid back-ness of a country lifestyle and how to avoid the trappings of modern living. If that makes any sense to you then welcome, youíve arrived at Planet Delusional and Outfoxed can show you around.

Speaking of tingly feelings, I got one last Saturday morning.

And no, it was well past the time that Ally was dressed for the day.

We had decided to take another Saturday foray into Carolina country for a once over. Such things are rarely all that well planned, it's a sort of, "Hey Ally, I found another house or two on the web that look promising. Interested?" and she, sensing an opportunity to escape laundry duty and get a roadside diner breakfast, will nod enthusiastically and off we go.

We're looking right now in Eastern Carolina, on the fringes of the local's towns. The kinds of places you won't see when hurtling south on I-95 on your way to Disney World. I wouldn't exactly call them backwater places since the advent of WalMart makes every place so damned homogenous anyway, but they're small. Thereís woods nearby. It ain't crowded like Swampville and itís cheap.

We toured a 3 bedroom 2 bath brick ranch with living and dining, a pool and a massive garage and outbuilding compound. The Outfoxed shorthand for all this, as recorded in a small notebook full of such shorthanded things reads "3/2 BR LD mucho shop w/ pool".

The house was 30 years old and tired. Dark paneling, some sort of dark bamboo ceiling tile in spots(?), wacko floor plan and someone's inspiration to create sparkle by painting bedroom walls in colors fit for a lunatic asylum. I'm sure the realtor was getting bad vibes from us as we went through since neither Ally nor me had much to say. But the garage? Oh my lord it was wonderful and it was huge. Words fail me. Plus, an attached covered triple carport and another big storage building. All lit up and powered.

Tingly feelings, yep. The kind I get when I first pull up to a jobsite and feel the buzz, the one that says "This here's gonna work for me, got lots of power and water and room to make a mess". Which is all I really need to know when faced with a project. Power, water and space. I can deal with the other stuff. Walls and bamboo can come a-tumbling down and goodness can replace.

Today is going to be a good one, in the way the tingly sense can sometimes tell. Fast internet is back. Big Daddy called for a meet so he can pass a bag of shekels my way and pat me on the head for all my sorcery at his re-hab house. And there's a realtor in Carolina who just might get a call. Iím making sure that I'm dispassionate about this house. It may not work out, what I offer might be close to insulting but you never know.

My Spidey sense is all aquiver, and Iím about to drop the hammer.

With any luck, it won't hit my foot when I do.

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