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Sunday, Feb. 26, 2006
Iím going to make a rather unusual request of you today, my friends.

Thereís a link at the end of this post. It will lead you to a lengthy bit of information. It isnít pleasant information either. It wonít be the sort of thing that leaves a happy taste or brightens your day. Let me be right up front about that.

The author is going to make a number of points that will, very possibly, disturb you and make you angry. I donít think anyone will agree 100% with everything he states, I know I donít. But the realization that if even 75% of this is right on it will have a profound effect on how you view your world. Iíll guarantee you that much.

Iíll also warn you: this isnít something to skim, or give up on halfway through. Getting through it will take an act of will, for some of you. Read it at home if at all possible, thereís already too many distractions at work, right?

So hereís my request. Actually 2 requests.

First, please read this article. As thoroughly as you have the stomach to do. Allow yourself some time to get through it. I donít ask for much, do I? Iíd be feeling pretty miserable if regular readers of this little place, people I consider to be online friends, were not aware of this story. To the greatest extent possible, Iím going to make family members aware of it as well.

Second, I solicit your comments. I like comments, I suppose we all do, but this is a diverse readership here and diversity makes for a common ground of ideas. And there may be no more important idea than this story, in 2006. Click on the ďLeave a Note for Mega ManĒ over there on the left, please. There will be a follow up post or two, but I promise things wonít get too radical or loony here. Ainít the way I operate.

Alright? Having said that, hereĎs The Story.

Part 2, after a pause for digestion.

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