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Monday, Jun. 26, 2006
I believe I once linked to a blogger, a giant of the internet, and one of the true original people I have ever not met. Sometimes internet writers become what they could not possibly imagine. This one became larger than life, a force of nature, all of that which we strive to describe with very limited language.

He died early this morning according to his daughter, and a fair amount of the blogging world is in a stunned state of disbelief. He predicted his passing, in a weird and speculative way, an end to pain and an online release of sorts.

One of the stranger moments Iíve yet witnessed on the internet. Thereís a contingent who believe he really didnít pass at all. He had tax troubles, health problems, turmoil with an ex-wife. A fair amount of ready cash. What better time to blow the routine and head off-shore?

But Iíll miss him, regardless, and his words that sang. He was an everyday part of my life for many years. People in their mid-50ís donít need to go out that way. In a short time Iíll be in my mid-50ís, too.

Rest easy Rob, and I hope to Bejus thereís a fishing hole, a comely wench and a guitar within easy reach wherever you might be holed up. So should it be for all of us.

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