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Friday, Oct. 05, 2001
Kathmccall has an entry for October 4th which is just wonderful. She says more in a sentance than I can with an entire entry. Check her out.

And no, I didn't make her name a link. If I had the overwhelming need to learn how (which, on the other hand, I do), I probably would have. Wonder why I'm scolding myself this early in the day...

Which, in an entirely roundabout way, makes me wonder about this physical diary page. Outfoxed has petitioned a couple of diary designers for an upgrade. One even was nice enough to respond. But it was a couple of weeks ago and so far no further word. Doth the odor of my unwashed self offend? Maybe they check out this page and are so completely confused as to its' content they run screaming into the night. Understandable.

Ah well. If anyone knows of a clever page editor, send 'em my way. Outfoxed is patient and generous. I just don't want to get to the point where I actually do an upgrade myself. Who knows the horror that might be unleashed.

See you all Sunday. I'm off to relieve the Chesapeake Bay of crusatcean delicacies.

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