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Friday, May. 27, 2005
The Outfoxed Clan is back online.

Sounds kinda strange, doesn’t it? As if the very point of being is validating your online status. As opposed to other, more important values, like the contents of your 64 quart cooler on any given day.

But anyway. We’re moved, it was unlovely, but we like the new joint better than we thought we would (and due to a rental realtor from hell, I never saw the place until I carried in the first box). The neighbors are first rate and the trash gets picked up on Fridays. What more could you ask for?

And . . . At 11:25 am on closing day, I’m still waiting for Broker Bob the Watering Hole realtor to call with a firm closing time.

We are closing today, aren’t we Bob?

Biggest financial deal of my personal life and I’m waiting on a guy who wears polyester and doesn’t drink Coors Lite. You should pray for him, you truly should. Otherwise, you might want to start a bail fund now, ‘cause ol’ Outfoxed might be spending Memorial Day in the pokey.

Y’all keep the grilles goin’ all weekend. And never, ever move from your house.

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